We raise slow grown animals, using traditional and compassionate method to produce the very best high quality table birds & meat.

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Our reason for farming:

Canaan Life Farms was started because our family members suffer from multiple food allergies, Ciliac, Irritable Bowel Syndome, abdominal adhesions, endometriosis and other conditions that calls for making careful & sensitive food choices. This forced our family to question where our food comes from, how it is grown, how the poultry is raised, what is fed to the poultry we consume, how they are handled and what exactly is in them. We believe as they say: "You are what you eat!"

Our passion: Raising Healthy animals

It is natural for our family to desire to raise our own poultry and also grow our own produce in order to be sure of the quality of what we eat and drink. Hence Canaan Life Farms was founded on the principles of: 'Good Food Equals Good health & Wellness.'

The food we consume today in society are often contaminated, laden with additives, chemicals, preservatives, etc. Animals are raised on GMO grains and livestock are often fed with hormones to promote articifial growth or fattening. The chickens commercially sold to consumers today are mostly raised for just 35 days in order to meet the huge pubic demand without regard to the health consequencies. Therefore, at Canaan Life Farms we are determined to do things differently.

We and our farming partners only raise our slow grown chickens traditionally for a minimum of 81 days. Our cockerels are slow grown for 125 Days More than double the commercial practice and our turkeys are slow grown for a minimum of 180 days or more. Whilst we aim to be profitable, we are not driven by profit or by the bottom line alone. We care about what we eat and what we give to others to feed their families.

Farming Style: Traditional, Organic & free-range

At Canaan Life Farms, we and our farming partners adopt the traditional free-range style of farming. We raise slow grown poultry, using traditional and compassionate techniques to produce the very best high quality table birds. We practice the highest welfare standards for our birds. We have a limit on how many birds we are raising at any one time, hence mass production farming is not our style or forte. We raise animals & birds for seasonal consumption with targeted seasonal & periodic delievries, hence our poultry and animals are well sought after.

Food Provenance: From farm to fork

We are proud to offer our customers good quality poultry that is home produced in the United Kingdom. Each bird can be traced back to one of our experienced and caring sister hatcheries and farms. Every one of our bird supplied to our customers can be traced to a healthy source.

What our poultry eat

In addition to freely foraging for food on the farms, our poultry are also fed specially formulated feed with no growth enhancers at all. This helps maintain their optimum health and growth, resulting in succulent, fine-textured, full flavoured meat you will be proud to feed your family every time.

Our Pledge: Our Guarantee!
At Canaan Life Farms, we will never sell you anything that we will not eat or feed to our own family! We and our farming partners are committed to producing healthy foods & we will never waiver from operating with a wholeness mindset. We will always be fair and honest with you. You have our word on it!

Canaan Life Farms
Farm foods as it is meant to be.
Animals raised in dignity and in natural habitat. Foods brought to you as nature intended. Healthy eating, wholeness and freshness - Awesome!

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